The European Continent

Though the second smallest continent, Europe with its 800 million inhabitants is the third most populous after Asia and Africa, and its favourable position along the main sea routes, at almost equal distance from the Americas and Asia and in close contact with Africa, placed it in the center of the world for thousands of years.

The European Heritage

The old continent, where so many civilizations and cultures followed on another, can offer sights of natural beauty, ancient monuments and technical achievements a few km from each other, and this might be its most peculiar feature. An international airport side by side with the ruins of a Roman city or magical grottos, cultural and artistic events almost every day somewhere in the continent.

A tourist from outside Europe is faced with such a wealth of choices that the best advice would be to concentrate only on some feature on each visit, to learn from thousands of years of culture, without yielding to the temptation of seeing "everything" within a couple of weeks.

The Western culture that had its origin in ancient Greece, and spread all over Europe and the Mediterranean following the conquest of the Roman Empire first and then the growth of Christianity, gave rise to the splendid revival of art and science of the Renaissance, democracy, the Industrial Revolution, which were all exported to the remotest areas of the world through geographical discoveries, colonization and emigration. The "Old Europe" influenced extra-European lands so much so that European-style realities were recreated in innumerable places all over the world.

The Countries

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