The American continent

Everything in America is huge, superlative: the Grand Canyon, the longest and deepest on Earth, Brasilia the most modern city, Cape Kennedy the most important space center; here are some of the greatest construction projects in the world, and some of them have become icons in the universal imagination.

Just to mention a few, Habitat 67 in Montreal, Capitol Hill in Washington, the Dreamway along the Pacific Coast, the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, the Empire State Building in New York, Mount Rushmore, the Chicken Itta Pyramid in Yucatan, the Machu Picchu ruins, the giant open-arm statue of the Savior in Rio de Janeiro, the Orinoco bridge in Venezuela.

But also unique natural landscapes of astounding beauty attract the visitors, as the Niagara Falls between Canada and the U.S.A. and the Ignazù Falls in South America, the National Sequoia Park in the States, the impressive Andes mountains where temples and towns of ancient pre-colombian civilization stand as silent witnesses in impossible places.

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