Zurich, Switzerland

The largest Swiss city with about 370,000 inhabitants, reaching 1 million with the larger Zurich, is the commercial and cultural centre of the country, situated along the beautiful Lake Zurich, which is connected also to the Lake of Constance (or Obersee).
Among the most interesting sights are the church of Grossmünster, built in 820 AD in the historical center near the Lake, where reformer Zwingli was a pastor; the other old church of Fraumünster, built before 874, with a choir of the 13th century and stained glass windows by Marc Chagall; St. Peter also in the old city, with the largest clock face in Europe.

Another amazing feature is the Masoala Rainforest Ecosystem in the Zoological garden with plants and freely roaming animals from the rainforest of Madagascar. And a very special visit may be made also to the cemetery Friedhof Fluntern Cemetery, where James Joyce, Therese Giehse, Brecht's famous actress, and Nobel Prize Elias Canetti are buried.