Postcards of Happy New Year

Event: Happy New Year - beautifully embossed card with fine gilted profiles
Details: written in German, posted from the USA to Germany, postmarked early 1900 (year unreadable), with original US 2-cents stamp (1-cent was US and Canada, 2 cents to ship overseas)
Item: happy-new-year-0001
Price: 3.50 EUR

Event: Happy New Year - red poppy flowers framing a snowy landscape, hand colored
Details: unwritten, unposted, early 1900's
Item: happy-new-year-0002
Price: 2.50 EUR

Event: Happy New Year - original, embossed, richly colored decoration with holly and ribbon, the broken Philadelphia bell enclosing a snowy landscape
Details: written, posted within the USA, postmarked Nashotah 1912, original 1-cent stamp
Item: happy-new-year-0003
Price: 4.50 EUR

Event: Happy New Year - rare, beautifully embossed poem with initials hand colored and gilted
Details: written posted within USA, postmarked North... Wis, 1913, original 1-cent stamp
Item: happy-new-year-0004
Price: 5.50 EUR