Postcards of California landscapes

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Place: California - Date palm grove, Coachella Valley southern california, comment on back "through possible irrigation the desert lands of the south are now producing dates for commercial purposes"
Details: posted from Burlingame CA to München, Germany - postmarked 1937 - US stamp of 3 cents - small size, good condition
Item: california-0001
Price: 4.50 EUR

Place: California - the Lytle Creek near Old Baldy
Details: posted from Pasadena to Nurnberg, Germany, postmarked 1928, 2 US stamps of 1 cent and 2 cent resp. - some corner wear
Item: california-0002
Price: 5.50 EUR

Place: California - "A Fallen Monarch of the California Redwood forests" - animated card with details hand-colored
Details: written to Germany, dated in pen 1 apr 1911, postmarked Meridian, stamp removed - fair condition
Item: california-0003
Price: 10.50 EUR

Place: California - a few varieties of desert cacti, with names on the different plants
Details: unused, possibly 1920's, on the back "place one cent stamp here" - printed by western publishing & Novelty Co, California
Item: california-0004
Price: 2.50 EUR

Place: California - A California Sunset - the native palms of Southern California form a fitting silhouette for a gorgeous sunset
Details: vintage unused, on the back "place stamp here" - printed by western publishing & Novelty Co, California - a color photo by Frank Thomas
Item: california-0005
Price: 1.50 EUR

Place: California - Channel Drive, beautiful coastline highway unfolding vistas of ocean surf and beaches, with mountains and ever-changing colour effects for the background -
Details: written in German, addressed to Hersbruck, Germany, U.S. Zone - postmarked Southgate CA - US stamp of 3 cents - printed by Longshaw Card Co.,California
Item: california-0006
Price: 4.50 EUR

Place: California - the turquoise waters of Cypress coast, a photograph by John B. Wagner
Details: posted to Milan Italy, dated 1983, postmarked San Francisco, US stamp of 25 cents
Item: california-0007
Price: 2.50 EUR

Place: California - artistic map of the "Golden State" with places and symbols
Details: vintage, unused, details on back are dated 1970 - margins dented all around, good condition
Item: california-0008
Price: 3.50 EUR

Place: California - a night view of Marina del Ray - color photograph by W. Hartshorn
Details: posted to Italy, postmarked New York 1992, US stamp of 40 c, scratches on front
Item: california-0009
Price: 0.50 EUR